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City Council

Pursuant to the Highland Park Charter, Chapters 5 and 6, the City Council of Highland Park is comprised of 5 members each elected to a four-year term. The council exercises all of the legislative powers of the city, except as otherwise stated by law, and provides for the public’s peace and health, and for the safety of persons and property.


The council meets in regular session in the established Council Chamber on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. The Highland Park City Clerk provides an agenda of business to be considered at each regular Council meeting, and except, when this rule is waived by the affirmative vote of three members of council, no item of business may be placed on the agenda unless notice thereof was filed in the office of the Clerk by noon on the third working day proceeding each Friday before the regular meeting. A quorum is reached when there are at least 3 council members to transact the business of the city. In the absence of a full quorum, the meeting can be adjour`ned until such time as a quorum has been reached.  Click here to view the 2014 meeting schedule.  The Reference Desk section has an archive of council minutes and agendas

Members 2012 - 2015

Council President Christopher Woodard
Christopher Woodard
Council President
(313) 645-2282/(313) 869-4575
Areas of Focus: HP DEVCO, Water
Council President Pro Tem Norma Lewis
Norma Lewis
President Pro Tem
(313) 868-1433
Areas of Focus: General Information, Senior Citizens, Water, Cities Of Promise, and DAAA

Councilman McClary
Titus McClary

Council Member

Council Member Mamie Posey Moore
Mamie Posey Moore

Council Member
(248) 242-0357
Council Member Rodney Patrick
Rodney Patrick
Council Member
(313) 585-4777
Areas of Focus: Light Rail, Historic Districts,
Image Building



New City-wide Waste Collection

April 18
Good Friday
30th District Court closed

April 21
Public Hearing

24-hour Non-emergency
Police:  (313) 852-7338
Fire:  (313) 852-3221